Introducing the taste of agricultural products in Namerikawa

Clearly purified water of Hayatsuki River running from Tsurugidake Mountain serves as a valuable resource to support agricultural production. 
Please taste the local products of Namerikawa blessed with beautiful and lush natural environment.


”Hikarimai” rice

“Hikarimai” rice is nurtured by cold and pure snowmelt and fertile soil.
It is the new rice that uses 100% of the first-class Koshihikari rice from local Namerikawa.



Our “Fuji” apples have such features as fresh and sweet in taste, because they are cultivated without being covered with bags and harvested after completely ripened.


Apple jam

Our health-friendly jam uses only “Fuji” apples made in Namerikawa and is seasoned with fructose (fruit sugar).


Apple juice

100% fruit juice uses Namerikawa "Fuji" apples and have a taste of strong sweetness and moderate acidity.


Satoimo (Taro potato)

The breed variety is "Yamato" with the faint scent of the earth. It is exactly the taste of nature.


Kazumino Field Healthy Tea

Kazumino Tea, which blended carefully-selected and naturally-dried Veitch’s bamboo, chameleon plant, eucommia leaf, senna tea, and green perilla, is rich in fragrance.


Rakkyo (Pickled scallion) / Umeboshi (pickled plum) / Homemade miso

Housewives have made them at home using local ingredients.


You can get these local specialties online. Please visit the following website.