Introducing the seafood of Namerikawa

Firefly squid

Firefly squid has a body length of 4 to 6 cm and a weight of about 10 g. The emitting light spans 30 cm square. The sea area where they flock together in a large number with luminous lights looks very fantastic. Various recipes are available, and eating them with vinegared miso mixed with spring onion is superb. "Ryugu Somen  using only their feet with soy sauce is a luxury. Firefly squid is the seafood symbolizing spring of Namerikawa.


Beni Zuwaigani (Koshi no Red snow crab)

Eating snow crab, as the champion of the taste in winter, makes you much happier. Red snow crabs caught in Namerikawa are very fresh, and taste rich and sweet, as the fishing ground is in short distance from the port.
All the red snow crabs landing at Namerikawa fishing port are branded as "Koshi no Red snow crab". (* Koshi is the ancient name of Toyama Prefecture.) The fishing season of Red snow crab is released on September 1 every year, so it has become the special feature indicating the sign of autumn season. Among Koshi no Red snow crabs, the excellent ones with size and weight exceeding the criteria and densely packed meat are differentiated by attaching the "Highest Quality" tag describing the name of the port and the fishing boat.

Eligibility of the "Highest Quality"

(a) Landed at a fishing port in Toyama
(b) With the carapace width of 140 mm or more
(c) Weighs about 1,000 grams or more for raw crabs, about 800 grams or more for boiled ones
(d) All legs attached
(e) To be hard crabs (with densely packed meat).


  “Highest Quality Koshi no Red snow crab” tags landed at Namerikawa

Amaebi (Northern pink shrimp)

Raw northern pink shrimp is exquisite. It is served on a dish keeping the shape of the shrimp as is, with milky reddish color, a melting feeling on your tongue, and an elegant taste with a faint sweetness. It is exactly a taste representing Toyama.


Baigai (Whelk)

Baigai is a kind of snails caught in the Toyama Bay. It is pleasantly crunchy when you eat it raw. Simmered and seasoned one is also delicious.

Kurozukuri (Salted squids with their black ink)

Locally captured squids are cut into small pieces, soaked in salt water, mixed with proper amount of their black ink and liver and matured. Although they look similar to black salty squids, they do not taste bitter but mildly salty. They go quite well with Japanese sake and warm steamed rice.