Firefly Squid Boat Tour


Departing the Namerikawa fishing port, which is the best port to catch in Toyama, the visitors will see the fishing activities with the off-shore fixed net for firefly squid by a sightseeing boat before dawn.
Along with the signs of spring comes the mystery of Toyama bay "Hotaruika" (firefly squid). Why don’t you take a valuable experience that you cannot have in your daily life, such as "Ami-okoshi” (net-raising) where fishermen raise the off-shore fixed net, the mysterious light of sparkling firefly squid, and the morning glow of the Tateyama mountain seen from the sea?



Late March - early May ※ The period is different every year.

 Time required

2:30 A.M. to 4:00 A.M. (about 90 to 120 minutes)
Aggregate time 2:00 A.M. -

The meeting place

In roadside station "Wave Park Namerikawa"

Access to the venue

10-minute walk from either Ainokaze Toyama Railway Namerikawa Station, or Toyama Chiho Railway Namerikawa Station
※ Please note that there is no train available in this time zone.

Parking lot available

Roadside station "Wave Park Namerikawa”


・The boarding Reservations are required.
・Please note that the firefly squid boat tour may be canceled due to bad weather such as strong winds or waves. Even when you are on board, you may not be able to see the light emission of the firefly squid due to the poor catch or other reasons.