Hotaruika (Firefly squid) museum


The Hotaruika (Firefly squid) museum is an experiential museum to learn about the mysterious ecology of Hotaruika. The live theater teaches you the secret of firefly squid’s luminous blue lights and shows you the real live firefly squid’s lights during the fishing season.
In addition, you can touch fish living in the deep sea of Toyama Bay at "Fountain of the Wonders of Deep Sea", and enjoy the exhibition of the world's largest Daio-gusoku-mushi, Giant Isopod (a fellow of Funamushi) at “Deep-sea exhibition corner”. These experiences spread the unknown world in front of you and stimulate your curiosity without fail.


Business hours

9 am - 5 pm

Closing day

· Every Tuesday from June 1st to late March
· Closing during the New Year's Holidays
· 3 days from the last Monday of January

Admission fee

· Late March - May 31
Individual [Adult: 820 yen / Child: 410 yen]
Group [Adult: 670 yen / Child: 360 yen]
· From June 1st to late March
Individual [Adult: 620 yen / Child: 310 yen]
Group [Adult: 520 yen / Child: 260 yen]
※ Adults are high school students and above, children are from 3 years old to junior high school students
※ Group: 20 or more


In roadside station "Wave Park Namerikawa".


410 Nakagawara, Namerikawa City,

Telephone number


Access to the venue

10-minute walk from either Ainolkaze Toyama Railway Namerikawa Station, or Toyama Chiho Railway Namerikawa Station

Parking lot available

Roadside station "Wave Park Namerikawa"