Hanashobu (Iris) Festival


From the middle to the late of June, about 40,000 Hanashobu (Iris) flowers of 88 kinds are at their best in the Gyoden Park. The Namerikawa City Tourism Association sets up temporary tourist information offices and shops there, as well as provides guided tours in the garden, so that visitors can appreciate the beauty and wonders during that season.


 Date and time

Mid to Late June * The period varies every year.
10 am - 3 pm


Gyoden Park (Gyoden, Kami-Koizumi, Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture)

Access to the venue

 20-minute walk from Ainokaze Toyama Railway Namerikawa Station
10-minute walk from Toyama Chiho Railway Namerikawa Station

 Parking lot available

Parking area in the Gyoden Park

Admission fee

Free of charge