Vietnam Lantern Festival in Namerikawa


This festival is held on summer nights surrounded by fantastic lights, with about 300 colorful lanterns being displayed around the former Miyazaki Brewery.
This festival began in 2010 with the fact that the cityscape of Sewa-machi, the former post town, resembled Hoi An, a world heritage harbor town in Vietnam, which is famous for the Lantern festival. The number of visitors including the Vietnamese has increased year by year, which makes it a great opportunity for international exchange.
At the venue, grourmet stalls are lining up serving such Vietnamese cuisines as rice noodle “pho”, fried spring rolls, and azuki beans “che”, as well as Namerikawa's soul food "Dondonyaki”, along with Vietnamese grocery shops.
It is an event where Vietnamese culture is well fused with the Japanese quaint streets, and you can also enjoy a trial experience of Vietnamese national costume "Ao Zai", a fashion show, Vietnamese ethnic music concert, etc. 



August (for two days)


The former Miyazaki Brewery Company and surroundings (1860 Sewamachi, Namerikawa City, Toyama Prefecture)

 Access to the venue

20-minute walk from Ainokaze Toyama Railway Namerikawa Station
5-minute walk from Toyama Chiho Railway Namerikawa Station

 Parking lot available

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Vietnam Lantern Festival in Namerikawa Executive Committee