Furusato Ryugu Matsuri (Hometown Ryugu Festival)


This is the largest festival in Namerikawa, being held for two days in summer, which all the citizens in Namerikawa join.
On the first day, Namerikawa City's traditional arts "Niikawa Kodaijin" are performed by all the citizens. It is magnificent to see the scenery of "Niikawa Kodaijin Festival” dancing around the venue in the summer evening.
On the second evening, "Fireworks Display on the Sea" is held, where a lot of people from all around Japan come to take a look at the fireworks shooting up from the sea, including the largest size fireworks of 36 inches in diameter. The spectacularly large 36-inch shell firework was set off in Namerikawa city for the first time in Toyama in 1992. Since then, together with Marine Star Mine, the large firework puts on an extravagant finale of this festival.
In the vicinity of the venue, you can enjoy “Yosakoi” dancing parade, stage events and various stalls. It is the festival with the largest number of visitors in Namerikawa.





Hotaruika (Firefly squid) museum and surroundings

 Access to the venue

10-minute walk from either AinokazeToyama Railway Namerikawa Station, or Toyama Chiho Railway Namerikawa Station

 Parking lot available

Namerikawa City Sports and Health Forest Park parking
※ Shuttle bus will be operated


Furusato Ryugu Matsuri Executive Committee